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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Is Ladlis a company or nonprofit?

A:  Ladlis is a private limited liability company.  We use a variety of non-profits that we have audited to fund the month of education each bracelet buys. Additionally, all artisans are paid fair wages. Currently 100% of profits are donated back to build infrastructure for the artisans to grow their business. 

Q: Can I donate to Ladlis? 

A:  We cannot accept donations. Purchasing our products is the best way to help fund girls’ education.

Q:   What percentage of your sales goes to funding girls' education? 

A: 100% of our sales are directly or indirectly invested in helping girls' education around the world. This includes our daily operations of teaching and creating jobs for girls around the world.

Q: What material is the bracelet made out of?

A: We believe what you put against your skin matters so we only use natural materials. All of our bracelets are handmade. Every bracelet is created using real gemstones. (We never use plastic or dyed glass.)

Q:  What quality gemstones do you use? 

A:  Our gemstones are natural stones from Mother Earth. They are all undyed and untreated. Many stones are reminders of intentions, such as strength and clarity associated with lava. 

Q:   Will my jewelry look the same as the photo? 

A:   Each piece of jewelry is hand made, using real gemstones so each bead is unique. Sometimes gemstones will have lighter or darker colors, which occur naturally.